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Rain Harvesting Systems at Rainvault - Northern Ireland Draperstown


Q. What is a Rainvault rain harvesting system?

Rainvault's rain harvesting system, collects run-off rainwater from the roof, through the downpipes, filters out any debris and stores it in an underground tank. The water is pumped through a treatment panel in the property for use on demand, providing water-saving solutions for both residential and commercial applications

Q. What happens in a dry spell?

When there is insufficient water in the storage tank; the system will automatically draw from the mains, until there is again.

Q. What can I use the water for?

Depending on the system, you can treat the water right up to drinking standard

Q. Is it only for new buildings?

It is best suited to new builds, and the earlier you contact Rainvault the better. However in some cases retro-fit can be applied.

Q. What are the running costs?

Depending on the system, running costs start from £ 3-£10 per year

Q. What maintenance is required?

Depending on the system, maintenance is minimal, and can be done by the client using the step-by-step guide provided by Rainvault upon completion of the project.

Q. Can I drink the water?

Yes, in the RVS3 system, the water is brought to drinking standard. Queens university, Belfast (QUESTOR centre) do all of our testing.

Q. Will a system change my properties ECO-rating?

Yes it will dramatically lower your ECO rating, this is the system the government have proposed to use, to calculate how much your properties rates will be, saving you money.

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