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Rain Harvesting Systems at Rainvault - Northern Ireland Draperstown
RVS - Rain Harvesting System

Why choose ecovault over traditional rain harvesting systems?

Unlike traditional rain harvesting systems, the ecovault system incorporates an i-smart gravity tank in the loft which has intelligent sensors to control the pump in the underground tank. The header tank only refills once it’s nearly empty, (whilst traditional rainwater systems make the pump start and stop every time any amount of water is used) This means wear on the pump and electricity usage are both massively reduced by using ecovault .

All system information is displayed in real time via an electronic display unit located at your chosen point in the building.

The ecovault system is fully automatic, changing onto the mains should there be insuficient rain water or a power failure.

Benefits of the ecovault

  • Reduced strain on pump, therefore prolonged pump life
  • Uses up to 70% less electricity, thus, signicant savings on running costs
  • Automatically switches onto mains should there be a power cut or insuficient rain water
  • Comes complete with remote display unit incorporating warning lights, alarm and BMS output
  • Can be installed by on site plumber
  • Plastic or concrete tank options available in various sizes to accommodate all site constraints
  • Perfect solution for social housing and multi-development sites with great savings available

"The Eco-Vault is a fit-and-forget system, leaving you and your clients to get on with the more important things in life!"

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Award winning Rain Harvesting System

Rain Harvesting Awards Winning

by Rainvault in Northern Ireland

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